The History/Social Studies Education program at Ball State prepares teachers to pursue a rewarding career in which they will engage students in discipline-based inquiry, equipping them to become future leaders and national and global citizens

Students need the intellectual power to recognize societal problems; ask good questions; consider possible solutions and consequences; separate evidence-based claims from partisan opinions; and communicate and act upon what they learn. Graduates of the History Department’s teacher education program construct classroom experiences that make these ways of thinking possible. 
Teaching candidates complete 54 hours in history and the social sciences and 42 hours in professional education coursework/field experiences in order to prepare them to work with diverse learners in various school settings. 
Ball State University has been preparing history/social studies teachers for successful careers for a century. The History Department cooperates with our colleagues in Teachers College and elsewhere in the College of Sciences and Humanities and the Miller College of Business in this endeavor.

Teaching candidates at Ball State must meet specific requirements before advancing in the program. These Decision Points track candidates’ progress through the teaching curriculum and help them complete their degree on time.

Learn more about the the requirements in the Teacher Education Handbook.

The 2016-2017 Catalog can provide you with the specific requirements and options for a major in Social Studies Teaching and the Teachers College requirements.