History opens the doors to hundreds of careers in a wide variety of professions. Many of our history majors leave Ball State with many career options available to them. The study of history equips students with the ability to think critically, have a keen understanding of civics, and respect diversity in the community.  The skills you gain are necessary to be successful in the workplace.

Teaching on the primary, secondary, and university levels remains an option for history majors. However, teaching is just one of many careers history can offer. For example, you will be well-prepared for a position in one of the millions of jobs in federal and state civil service. Graduate of the history department also have made successful careers in teaching and education administration, public history, law, library science, archival and museum work, business, and consulting.

As a history graduate, you always have plenty of options to choose from. You can choose to use apply your skills directly to a career in history, or use it in other areas. In addition, you may decide to add on to what you already know and pursue graduate school. To help you search, we have useful career links that will also offer tips on how to get a great job.

The American Historical Association offers a guide to careers for history majors. People with history degrees can get positions in business administration and management, curatorial and archival management, information specialist, non-classroom education, and teaching.  We have listed some of the possibilities, but the skills acquired in history open an infinite number of doors to different careers opportunities.  

Other online resources include: 

American Alliance of Museums 
American Association for State and Local History 
American Historical Association 
AHA Employment Information 
Jobs in the Federal Government 
Jobs in State and Local Government 
National Council of Public History 
National Trust for Historic Preservation 
Organization for American Historians
Society for History in the Federal Government
Society of American Archivists.  

Careers in History

Business Administration and Management:
Account Representative Market Analyst 
Collaborative Projects Program Officer Personnel Officer 
Communications Assistant Management Consultant 
Income Generation Specialist Pharmaceutical Representative 
Program Director Tour Director

Curatorial and Archival Management:
Archivist Folklorist 
Curator Librarian 
Museum Curator Museum Register 
Collections Manager Public Information Director
Artifacts Conservator Publications Editor
Assistant Director, Museum Records Manager
Site Administrator Art Director 
Arborist Botanist

Information Specialist:
Administrative Assistant Assistant Planner 
Biographer, Bibliographer Communications Assistant
Corporate Historian Database Network Coordinator 
Genealogist Government Relations Assistant 
Historian Historic Preservation Planner 
Information Manager Information Scientist
Institutional Researcher Intelligence Specialist 
Library and Information Specialist Market Researcher 
Media Specialist   Paralegal
Research Analyst

Non-Classroom Education:
Museum Educator Coordinator of School and Youth Programs 
Education Specialist Counselor Naturalist 
Outdoor Education Instructor Interpretive Guide 
Interpreter/Caretaker Field Interpreter 
National and State Parks
Zoological Parks - Aquariums, Wildlife Refugees, and Bird Sanctuaries 
Arboretums - Botanical and Aquatic Gardens, Conservatories, and Horticultural Societies 

Teacher Educator 
Cooperating Teacher History Teacher 
Instructor in History and Social Sciences Professor of History 
Associate Professor of History History Instructor
History Lecturer