Why Ball State?

At Ball State, we offer students hands-on and immersive learning experiences, as well as internships to provide students with real-world applications of the knowledge they will gain in history. Small class sizes provide students with the opportunity to engage with their professors and other students on a personal level. Students also have the ability to conduct research as undergraduates.  

Ball State evaluates a variety of criteria when reviewing applications for undergraduate admission, and applying to Ball State has never been easier. Graduate students will need to review the requirements for the Graduate School.

Studying History

Our programs of study in the Department of History will introduce you to the various methods and approaches used by historians, and to a wide range of historical themes, eras, and societies. We offer several different courses of study—ideally coupled with courses in other areas within the humanities and social sciences, foreign languages, computer science, or public and private administration—to meet your needs.

We offer bachelor’s degrees in history, public history, pre-graduate studies, and social studies teaching. Our programs are tailored to fit your interest in the field. In addition to majors, we suggest minors that will enhance your degree, ranging from business to foreign languages. If you have already declared a major, think about picking up a history minor, or our interesting interdepartmental minor, ancient studies.

Graduate Program

In addition, we offer a master’s program that will challenge you and expand on the knowledge you received during your undergraduate studies. Our master's program is a great foundation for doctoral work but also prepares you to enter the job market.