Frederick Suppe

Frederick Suppe

Associate Professor of History

Curriculum Vitae


Room:BB 215

Teaching and Research Specialties

Celtic history, medieval Europe, Welsh history


Professor Suppe is a medieval historian whose research specialty is medieval Wales, England, and the Welsh March border region. His first book was Military Institutions on the Welsh Marches: Shropshire 1066 -1300 and he is completing a survey of the cultural history of all of the Celtic peoples. His articles, conference papers, and online publications have considered military topics like castle garrisons and decapitations in Wales and the Marches, as well as other aspects of the Anglo-Welsh relationship, including Anglo-Welsh intermarriage, border interpreter families, and medieval Welsh ethnic nicknames. He has also published articles based on his participation in excavation of an ancient Celtic settlement at Kelheim in Bavaria. Dr. Suppe has been a Fulbright Fellow at the University of Wales, Aberystywth; a Visiting Fellow at Harris-Manchester College, Oxford University; and President of the Celtic Studies Association of North America. He has occasionally taught Welsh and entertains his students by playing medieval tunes on the recorder.

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Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
The West in the Worl 150 04 1200 - 1250 M W F TC, room 121
Medieval Civilizatio 463 1 1000 - 1050 M W F BB, room 104
Medieval Ideas and I 565 1 1000 - 1050 M W F BB, room 104