Kenneth Hall

Kenneth Hall

Professor of History


Room:BB 219B

Teaching and Research Specialties
Southeast Asia, South Asia, Pacific basin, economic, comparative religion


Kenneth R. Hall, professor of history at Ball State University, is a specialist in pre-1500 South and Southeast Asian history and culture, comparative urbanization and wider Indian Ocean maritime networking. His most recent books are A History of Early Southeast Asia: Maritime Trade and Societal Development c. 100-1500 (2011); The Growth of Non-Western Cities, Primary and Secondary Urban Networking c. 900-1900 (edited volume 2011); New Perspectives in the History and Historiography of Southeast Asia (edited volume 2011); and Networks of Trade, Polity, and Societal Integration in Chola-Era South India c. 875-1279 (2014); and 2013/14 academic journal and collected volume studies “Cross-Cultural Commercial Competition on the Vietnam Coastline in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries,” "The 15th-Century Gujarat Cloth Trade with Southeast Asia’s Indonesian Archipelago,” and "Revisionist Study of Cross-Cultural Commercial Competition on the Indian Ocean Coastlines c. 1000-1500 and the Wider Implications."