Abel Alves

Abel Alves

Department Chair of the Department of History and Professor of History


Room:BB 200

Teaching and Research Specialties
Colonial Latin America, Early Modern Europe, ethological approaches to history, animal studies 

Abel Alves is the author of The Animals of Spain: An Introduction to Imperial Perceptions and Human Interaction with Other Animals, 1492-1826 (Brill, 2011), Brutality and Benevolence: Human Ethology, Culture, and the Birth of Mexico (Greenwood, 1996), “Pets and Domesticated Animals in the Atlantic World” (Oxford Bibliographies, 2017), and articles in The Sixteenth Century Journal and other publications. Alves was the first recipient of the Miriam Chrisman Award of the Society for Reformation Research. In 1997, he received Ball State's Hurley Goodall Distinguished Faculty Award. In 2000, he was awarded BSU's Lawhead Award for teaching in the University Core Curriculum. In 2016, he was invited to present on his research at University College London’s international symposium “Animals in Visual Hispanism.”

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Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
Selected Topics Lati 324 800 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
Selected Topics Lati 324 801 0800 - 0915 T R OL, room ONLINE
Masters Candidate 600 400 0000 - 0000
Thesis 698 510 0000 - 0000