If you attend another college or university, you may enroll in Ball State graduate courses and transfer credit back to your home institution. Transfer-of-credit students do not receive credit toward a Ball State graduate degree or license, nor are they considered admitted to the Graduate School.
Clearance is granted to students who hold a bachelor’s degree and:

  • actively pursue a graduate degree program at another regionally accredited college or university
  • wish to earn credits for transfer to that institution

 Nondegree Status

If you have been admitted to a graduate school at another institution but you have not taken any Ball State graduate courses by the time you request transfer-of-credit status, then you must apply for regular nondegree status and meet all of the requirements for “Admission as a Nondegree Student” found in the Graduate Catalog.

Transfer-of-Credit Status Length

Approval for enrollment as a transfer of credit student is generally given for one academic semester. To be considered for an additional semester, you must reapply as a transfer-of-credit student.

Becoming a Ball State Student

If you subsequently wish to apply to any of Ball State’s graduate degree or licensure programs, you must complete the regular admission procedure (including the appropriate application fee) and meet all requirements for their requested program.

No more than nine hours earned as a nondegree student may be applied to any advanced degree program if a person is admitted as a regular graduate student.