PRESIDENT:  Emily Thompson

Senior at Ball State University

Travel and Tourism Major - French Minor

Has traveled throughout Western and Central Europe.

Enjoys traveling, sailing, reading, and various outdoor activities.

Dream job:  One in which I can help those in need and educate people on diverse cultures and places, all while remaining outdoors and well traveled.

VICE PRESIDENT:  Dragana Polimac

Senior at Ball State University

Travel and Tourism Major

Has visited Italy, Barcelona, and Serbia.

Enjoys photography, map-making, scrap-booking, reading, and outdoor recreation.

Dream job:  Traveling and photographing/writing for a travel company and creating a program or joining a company that helps handicap or disabled persons explore and discover new sites all around the world.

SECRETARY:  Zachary Holzer

Senior at Ball State University

General Meteorology Major with a dual major in Spanish Education

I have never traveled outside of the United States, but I have lived in Florida for a year and spent all of last summer in Virginia Beach for a leadership program with my church.  After finishing the education requirements for my second major, I am going to be studying abroad in Spain for a semester.

Dream job:  I want to use my Spanish degree to teach the language to improve students knowledge of cultures outside of just the United States.  I have also contemplated pursuing becoming a missionary overseas in areas where Spanish is spoken (at least for a little bit in my life).  I love people, and either one would be a great way to do that.

TREASURER:  Rachel Brickley

Senior at Ball State University

Travel and Tourism Major

Plans to travel to Australia in spring of 2013

Enjoys reading, games, music, and social festivities

Dream job:  Traveling is something that I would like to experience and help others enjoy it as well.



Faculty Advisor:

Rueben Allen
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