If you see yourself in front of the camera giving the world the latest weather and climate updates, this minor will be a good fit for you. 

Our courses will prepare you to become a weathercaster, meet the demands of the 21st century, and help you successfully complete the National Weather Association Weathercaster Seal of Approval examination. 

Weathercasters must have a thorough understanding of basic meteorological theory and be able to use the rapidly evolving technology to analyze atmospheric conditions. Trends indicate media executives will hire weathercasters with real meteorological backgrounds (versus the personalities of the past) and real experience. We can offer you both, inside and outside the classroom.

Courses such as Severe Local Storms (GEOG 450) will provide you with a thorough review of the processes and events associated with severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. You can also join our Storm Chase Team for an up close and personal view at severe weather.

The Broadcast Meteorology (GEOG 410) course, designed for meteorology and climatology minors, provides a survey of the broadcast seal of approval programs, a history of weathercasting, the weathercaster's relationship with the National Weather Service, technology used in weathercasting, diversity in the workplace, and careers within the industry.

Our approach for this option is to employ the general principles of science in systematic investigations of earth-atmosphere system and to teach and to train you in the use of technology (satellites, radar, automated weather observations, and numerical weather prediction) to analyze these systems on a variety of spatial and temporal scales.

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