GEOG 101: Earth Sea and Sky A Geographic View

GEOG 120: Economic Geographies of Globalization 

GEOG 121: Geography of the Cultural Environment 

GEOG 150: Global Geography 

GEOG 230: Elementary Geography

GEOG 240: Map Reading and Graphics

GEOG 250: Spatial Analytical Methods in Geography

GEOG 261: Tourism Systems

GEOG 262: Tourism Regions

GEOG 265: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 320: Ethnic Geographies

GEOG 321: Urban Geography

GEOG 323: Tourism and Geography of Food

GEOG 330-530: Weather Analysis

GEOG 331-351: Global Climatology

GEOG 332-532: Climate Change and Modification

GEOG 334-534: Atmospheric Hazards

GEOG 340-540: Cartography and Visualization of Spatial Data

GEOG 341: Cartography and Visualization of Spatial Data 2

GEOG 342-542: Introduction to Remote Sensing

GEOG 343-543: Advanced Remote Sensing

GEOG 344-544: Advanced Geographic Information Systems Analysis

GEOG 350: Geography of the United States and Canada

GEOG 351: Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean

GEOG 353: Geography of Indiana

GEOG 354: Geography of Asia

GEOG 356: Geography of Russia and its Neighbors 

GEOG 357: Geography of Europe 

GEOG 360: Tours and Meetings Management

GEOG 410: Broadcast Meteorology

GEOG 423: Population Geography

GEOG 425-525: Physical Meteorology

GEOG 435-535: Satellite and Radar Meteorology 

GEOG 443-546: Seminar in Remote Sensing

GEOG 444: Advanced Cartography

GEOG 445-545: GIS Application Design and Development

GEOG 447-547: Thermodynamic Meteorology

GEOG 448-548: Geographic Information System Design

GEOG 449-549: Synoptic Meteorology

GEOG 450-550: Mesoscale Meteorology

GEOG 451-541: Dynamic Meteorology

GEOG 460: Travel and Tourism Consulting 

GEOG 470-570: Political Geography

GEOG 490-590: Field Observations of Severe Local Storms

GEOG 491: Tourism Development

GEOG 610: History of Geographic Thought

GEOG 615: Research Methods in Geography

GEOG 618: Quantitative Methods in Geography

GEOG 625: Special Topics in Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 635: Special Topics in Remote Sensing

GEOG 640: Special Topics in Atmospheric Science