Our master’s program features specialized courses developed to apply state-of-the-art technologies such as remote sensing, geographic information systems, and advanced cartographic methods in various subdisciplines of geography, atmospheric sciences, and allied sciences. 

With our flexible requirements, you can customize your program to serve as a basis for further study, to prepare for positions in industry, business or government, or to meet the immediate and changing needs of teachers and educators. Yet you will also broaden your skills through cross-training.

Our faculty research interests include synoptic and mesoscale meteorology, hydroclimatology, environmental hazards, weather forecast verification, cultural-historical geography, urban geography, and geographic education. Regional specializations include Europe and Russia, South and East Asia, and Latin America.

You will have the opportunity for hands-on learning such as forecasting and research, and because our classes are small, you don’t have to wait around to use our high-tech equipment in the meteorology lab or the GIS lab.