The Graduate Certificate in Professional Meteorology and Climatology is designed for students wanting to attain greater knowledge and competence in advanced atmospheric science. The primary objective is to better prepare students for employment in fields requiring knowledge in professional meteorology and climatology beyond that is typically offered at the undergraduate level from other geography departments or related disciplines. The Department of Geography offers graduate courses in professional meteorology and climatology that adhere to specific requirements mandated by the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Service (Federal Civil Service GS1340) for qualifications as a professional meteorologist.

Courses You Will Take

For the Graduate Certificate in Professional Meteorology and Climatology, students select 15 hours (usually 5 classes) from the following list of classes:

  • Geography 525: Physical Meteorology (3)
  • Geography 530: Weather Analysis (3)
  • Geography 531: Global Climate (3)
  • Geography 635: Satellite and Radar Forecasting (3)
  • Geography 547: Thermodynamic Meteorology (3)
  • Geography 549: Synoptic Meteorology (3)
  • Geography 550: Mesoscale Meteorology (3)
  • Geography 551: Dynamic Meteorology (3)

Students should consult the department for course availability and the graduate school catalog for course prerequisites and restrictions.

Take the Next Step

You need to apply to and meet the admission requirements of the Graduate School to be accepted into the graduate certificate program. In addition, students should send a statement of interest letter to the Graduate Program Director of the Department of Geography detailing your academic and intellectual biography and purpose in seeking a graduate certificate. Unlike the Master’s degree program, the certificate program does not have any additional admission requirements.

Because you will be taking courses with Ball State students who are pursuing their master's degrees, our certificate programs are an excellent opportunity to decide if you are ready for a graduate degree. All graduate courses in the certificate programs can be applied to the Master of Science in Geography or may be used as electives (upon departmental approval) for other graduate degree programs.