Our travel and tourism program offers you excellent opportunities to prepare for a variety of positions within the travel and tourism industry. And our courses fully reflect the industry's requirements.

Those who hire travel and tourism professionals are less concerned about very definite skills like ticketing, for example, than with employing well-educated college graduates who can think, solve problems, communicate, and adjust smoothly to changing circumstances in the marketplace. Those graduates are valued for their knowledge, skills, attitude, and flexibility.

Here is a sampling of organizations that have employed our graduates:

  • American Trans Air (crew scheduling)
  • Resorts Condominium International (customer representative)
  • Delta Airlines (flight attendant)
  • AAA (travel agent)
  • Ball-Foster Glass (corporate travel agent)
  • Holiday Inn Express

The knowledge and skills gained in your courses serve as a good base to obtain entry-level professional competency certifications or endorsements, which are offered to you in conjunction with industry certification bodies such as the Institute of Certified Travel Agents, National Tour Association, and Viasinc. However, the essence of our program is the broad geographic base which can be used anywhere, even outside the travel and tourism business.