Did you know that almost everything we do in life is connected to geography in some way? Everything you learned about geography in high school and junior high only scratches the surface of this fascinating discipline. The science of geography is focused on understanding the mechanisms of the world's physical and human environments and the links between them.

At Ball State’s Department of Geography and Meteorology, we offer a wide selection of majors, minors, graduate degrees, and certificates to prepare you for an exciting, fulfilling, and well-compensated career.

Computer Requirements

Students entering the Department of Geography and Meteorology will need to possess a personal computer.  Please view information about the Department's recommendations for the specifications for your device.

The College of Science and Humanities also has some recommendations. Please view here.

Tourism and Human Geography

Tourism and Human Geography Concentration

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Geography

The global workforce needs professionals with an intimate understanding of people, places, cultures, and landscapes—everything that links human beings with their environments. Our Tourism and Human Geography program will prepare you to meet this demand, while giving you a chance to see the world for yourself. Learn more.

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Geographic Information Science (GIS) Concentration

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Geography

Interested in exploring the digital connections between places, people, and behavior? Our bachelor’s degree in geographic information science (GIS) is an excellent choice if you are interested in solving social and environmental problems using advanced spatial information technology. Learn more.

Meteorology Student

Meteorological Studies Concentration

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Geography

If you’re considering a career where knowledge of operational meteorology and climatology would be a good addition to your skill set, then our meteorological studies major is a good choice for you. Learn more

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Meteorology and Climatology Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a meteorologist or have a strong interest in weather and climate and their impact on human lives, our major in meteorology and climatology is right for you. Learn more.

 Learn about a Degree in Data Analytics

Data Analytics is an emerging interdisciplinary field with three concentration areas in Computational Data, Environmental Systems, and Social and Behavioral. Find out more about a degree in Data Analytics.

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Human Geography

If you are intrigued by the application of geographic information to real-world problems and issues, then picking a minor in geography is an excellent option. This minor is also a great choice if you want to explore and learn more about the interrelationships between the individual and various places and cultures. Learn more. 

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Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism minor is an exciting program to help you learn about people, places, and cultures near and far. Learn more.

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Geographic Information Science (GIS)

If you like technology and are interested in solving social and environmental problems, a minor in geographic information science (GIS) may be right for you. Learn more.


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Meteorology and Climatology

If you see yourself in front of the camera giving the world the latest weather and climate updates, this minor will be a good fit for you. Our courses will prepare you to become a weathercaster and help you successfully complete the National Weather Association Weathercaster Seal of Approval examination. Learn more.

Environmental Science PhD

PhD in Environmental Science

Prepare yourself for a successful career in academia, industry, or government—any profession that needs highly qualified professionals trained in science with experience in applying fundamental skills to real environmental problems. Learn more.

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Geographic Information Science

The graduate certificate in geographic information science (GIScience) offers comprehensive training in geospatial techniques and technology. This certificate will enhance your career prospects in fields that use locational data. Learn more

Professional Meteorology and Climatology Graduate Certificate

Professional Meteorology and Climatology

Are you interested in furthering your career in advanced atmospheric science? Ball State’s graduate certificate in professional meteorology and climatology is a focused, robust program that builds on your undergraduate education to make you a highly marketable employment candidate. Learn more. 

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Geographic Information Science

Are you interested in supplementing your undergraduate degree or your existing career with essential skills in GIScience? This certificate equips you with in-demand GIS, remote sensing, and cartography that complement the degree you’re earning—or competitively repositions you in the job market. Learn more.