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Did you know that almost everything we do in life is connected to geography in some way?

What you learned in high school and junior high only scratches the surface of what geography is. Geography as a science is distinguished by the spatial approach to understanding the mechanisms of the world's physical and human environments and the linkages between them, which basically means geography is a lot broader than you may have thought.

This science is broken into two areas: human and physical geography. Human geographers study subjects such as how humans use and perceive space and how they create and maintain places. Physical geographers look at physical aspects such as patterns of climate, landforms, soils and water. Physical geographers also forecast weather and analyze plans for forests and wetlands.

Both human and physical geographers develop skills in cartography (mapmaking), geographic information systems (GIS), and interpretation of satellite images (remote sensing). To help you meet society's needs for greater geographic understanding in the 21st century, our department offers four distinct options with the major. 

At Ball State, we offer hands-on learning opportunities—including the chance to chase storms and do research, small class sizes, a supportive environment especially for freshmen, and state-of-the-art facilities and technology.

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Geography Department News