Allyson DeMaagd

Allyson DeMaagd

Assistant Teaching Professor of English


Room:RB 276

Allyson DeMaagd's primary research interests include modernist literature, women writers, and sensory studies. In her book project, Dissensual Women: Modernist Women Writers, the Senses, and Technology, DeMaagd examines the ways in which H.D., Mina Loy, Virginia Woolf, and Elizabeth Bowen subvert technology and valorize multisensory experience in order to revalue the feminine senses, challenge sensory elitism, and advocate for an inclusive sensorium, one that features the perceptions of women, members of the queer community, the lower classes, nonhuman animals, and the differently abled. At Ball State, DeMaagd will primarily be teaching introductory literature and first-year writing classes.


PhD in English
West Virginia University

Prior Employment

West Virginia University

Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
Composing Research 104 816 1400 - 1450 M W F
Composing Research 104 817 1200 - 1250 M W F
Composing Research ( 114 800 0000 - 0000
Intro Amer Ethnic Li 216 800 1000 - 1050 M W F