The English Department at Ball State offers five different major tracks. The English/Language Arts Teaching major provides licensure in grades 7-12 in both English/Language Arts and Communication, and the entire program will take a four-year course of study to complete. We also offer major concentrations in English Studies, Literature, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric and Writing. Each of these majors requires four classes of a foreign language (taken over two years) as well as 36 hours in English and is designed to allow students to combine the study of English with other majors and minors. Students enrolled in these programs will have 40 free elective hours that they can use to complete other programs of study both in our department and in others around campus. Students can pursue a double major in many other departments, including most other humanities departments on campus as well as our very popular telecommunications program, which trains students to create digital media and film projects. These skills provide an excellent complement to the writing, research, and creative and analytical skills that students earn in the English major. Students can also choose to minor in fields as diverse as marketing, entrepreneurship, digital media, digital publishing, and others. All of our majors are complemented by studies in other programs, particularly those in digital media, telecommunications, language studies, journalism, marketing and other business programs, advertising, public relations, political science, and history.

If you are wondering where the English major can take you after graduation, please go to the “Life After Ball State” tab on our homepage and read about how our alumni are using their English major in a variety of exciting careers in teaching, business, law, non-profit and government work, student affairs, and higher education.