English Graduate Degrees
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Doctoral study in English offers students the time and support to think deeply about language, whether at its most basic level (the sound), at its most sophisticated (the sonnet), or at its most evolving (emerging media).

Our deep and broad doctoral programs interconnect with all areas in the department—rhetoric and composition, applied linguistics, and literature. For example, a student pursuing doctoral study in composition and rhetoric actually works toward a doctoral degree in English with a concentration in composition; the student also takes course work in linguistics and literature in order to ensure a better understanding of how all areas of our field build upon one another.

The result of this broader degree isn’t just a graduate with a wider body of marketable knowledge and skills, but it is also a scholar who can integrate neighboring disciplines into an area of expertise.

Our fully engaged English department faculty is committed to providing students with the guidance and challenge to develop as scholars and teachers in their chosen field.

The PhD programs accept applications for Fall admission. The deadline is January 15.