Lisa Hawkins

Lisa Hawkins

Associate Professor of Reading Literacy

Curriculum Vitae


Room:TC 343

About Lisa K. Hawkins

Lisa K. Hawkins is a teacher educator, national writing project teacher, and former K-6 educator. She has worked with preservice and inservice teachers in Indiana, Michigan, and across the United States in order to increase awareness of inquiry-driven, strategic, and genre-based writing instructional practices. Her research focuses on writing instruction and teacher development, with particular interest in sociocultural approaches to understanding children's writing, instructional practice, classroom discourse, and child/teacher learning. Dr. Hawkins has presented her work at national and international venues and published in multiple national/international journals.

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor

Director of Graduate Programs in Elementary Education


Ph.D., Teaching, Curriculum, and Educational Policy, Specialization in Language and Literacy Education

Michigan State University

M.A., Education, Concentration in Literacy, Language, and Culture

University of Michigan

B.S., Elementary Education

Eastern Michigan University

Research and Publications

  • Hawkins, L. K. (2019). Writing conference purpose and how it positions primary-grade children as authoritative agents or passive observers. Reading Horizons: A Journal of Literacy and Language Arts, 58(1), 22-47.
  • Hawkins, L. K., Martin, N. M., & Cooper, J. (2019). Preparing elementary writing teachers: An inquiry-driven, field-based approach to instruction. Teaching/Writing: The Journal of Writing Teacher Education, 6(1), 132-160.
  • Troia, G. A., Olinghouse, N. G., Zhang, M., Wilson, J., Stewart, K. A., Mo, Y., & Hawkins, L. K. (2017). Content and alignment of state writing standards and assessments as predictors of student writing achievement: An analysis of 2007 National Assessment of Educational Progress data. Reading and Writing, 31(4), 835-864.
  • Hawkins, L. K. (2016). The power of purposeful talk in the primary grade writing conference. Language Arts, 94(1), 8-21.
  • Troia, G. A., Olinghouse, N. G., Mo, Y., Hawkins, L. K., Kopke, R. A., Chen, A., Wilson, J., & O'Shea, K. A. (2015). Academic standards for writing: To what degree do standards signpost evidence-based instructional practices and interventions? Elementary School Journal, 116(2), 291-321.
  • Hawkins, L. K., & Certo, J. L. (2014). It’s something that I feel like writing, instead of writing because I’m told to: Elementary boys’ experiences writing and performing poetry. Pedagogies: An International Journal, 9(3), 196-215.

Areas of Expertise

  • Writing instructional practices
  • Writing development
  • Teachers as writers and teachers of writing
  • Preservice teachers and writing

Other Professional Activities

  • National Writing Project (NWP) teacher consultant, Oakland Schools, Waterford, MI

Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
Doctoral Dissertatio 799 LH1 0000 - 0000
Research in Elementa 676 800 0000 - 0000
Seminar in Research 791 800 0000 - 0000