Students sitting at desks.A minor in industrial leadership will help you develop an understanding of how production-related industries are organized and supervised. You will take courses that cover industrial processes, materials testing, quality control, computer design, and corporation training and safety. Instructional techniques are covered, as graduates often secure positions in Human Resources departments and supervisory slots.

What You Will Learn

  • how modern industry and businesses are organized and staffed
  • the nature of training and development in the technical fields
  • how to effectively supervise and evaluate a production-oriented workforce
  • leadership and communication skills vital to modern management

Minor Requirements

This minor includes coursework in managing behavior, managing human resources, introduction to manufacturing industries, industrial safety and health, training and development in industry, and approved electives.




For a complete list of all the courses you will take and their descriptions, please see our Course Catalog.

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How to Enroll

Students can seek assistance at an on-campus Advising Center to add a major or minor.

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