Jayne Beilke

Jayne Beilke

Professor of Secondary and Foundations of Education


Room:TC 841

About Jayne Beilke

Jayne R. Beilke received her doctorate in History of Education from Indiana University--Bloomington. Her research interests focus on African American educational history and critical multicultural education. She is a recognized authority on the Julius Rosenwald Fund, which is best known for the rural schoolbuilding program. She teaches courses in history of education and multicultural education in the Department of Educational Studies. She is the recipient of the 2006 Teachers College Outstanding Teacher Award.

She is currently researching the life of James Baker, a fugitive slave who briefly attended the multiracial Union Literary Institute in Randolph County, Indiana. She is also studying the effects of the 1869 Indiana School Segregation Law on common schools in Indiana.

Her most recent publications are “Teaching the Long Civil Rights Movement” in Teaching the Struggle for Civil Rights. Teaching Critical Themes in History Series (with A. Bruewer), Peter Lang, Publishers (2018) and “Resistance to Indiana’s Neoliberal Educational Policies: How Glenda Ritz Won.” Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor 26 (2016) with J. I. Martinez and J. L. Cantrell (2016).

She has served as a member of the Muncie Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors, Branch President of the Muncie NAACP, and is currently the secretary of the Board of the Union Literary Institute Preservation Society, a member of the boards of the Muncie YWCA, and a member of the Friends of Conley, Inc.


Ph.D. in History of Education

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

MS. Ed degree in Reading

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

MS. Ed degree in English

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana