Gregory Marchant

Gregory Marchant

Professor of Psychology Educational Psychology

Curriculum Vitae


Room:TC 509

Department: Department of Educational Psychology

About Gregory J. Marchant

Gregory J. Marchant is a Professor of Educational Psychology and has been at Ball State since 1990. He received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University. His research has focused SES and SES inequality related to student achievement. His more current research deals with gender differences in reading and quality of conditions for teachers by state.

Professional Experience

Ball State University

Professor, Educational Psychology (2001 - 2019)
Co-Director, Center for Collaboration in Educational Development (1998 - 2004)
Director, Master of Arts in Educational Psychology Program (1994 - 2001)

University of Akron

Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations (1989 - 1990)


Ph.D. Teaching-Learning Processes, 1988

Northwestern University

Behavior Disorders Courses, 1984 

National College of Education

M.S. Education - Special Education,1982
Certification in Learning Disabilities
Professionalization in Psychology

Indiana University South Bend

B.S. Education - Special Education, 1978

Indiana University South Bend

Research and Publications

  • Callan, G. L., Marchant, G. J., & Finch, W. H. (2017). Student and school SES, strategy use, and achievement. Psychology in the Schools. 54, 1106-1122.
  • Marchant, G. J. (2017). Higher achievement/Higher graduation rates: Not for Black students. African American Learner, 6. Retrieved from
  • McCreary, J. J., & Marchant, G. J. (2016). Reading and empathy. Reading Psychology. 38, 182-202. Retrieved from
  • Marchant, G. J., & Finch, W. H. (2016). Does a rising tide lift all boats? International relative and absolute SES and achievement. Journal of Global Research in Education and Social Science. 7(3), 168-174.
  • Marchant, G. J., & Finch, W. H. (2016). Student, school, and country: The relationship of SES and inequality to achievement. Journal of Global Research in Education and Social Science. 6(4), 187-196.
  • David, K., & Marchant, G. J. (2015). The achievement gaps in the United States: Race, poverty, and interactions over ten years The International Journal of Assessment and Evaluation, 22(4), 1-15.

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