Merit Aid, Student Debt and the Market Value of a College Degree.

Dagney Faulk and Lee Spector


The Empirics of Economic Growth and Industrialization Using Growth Identity Equation.

Tung Liu and Kui-Wai Li

Teaching students how continuous innovation affects supply, producer surplus, and consumer surplus.

John B. Horowitz, Michael A. Karls, Juan Sesmero, T. Norman Van Cott


Will Students Ever Learn Economic Principles? Are They Really That ObTUCE?

Jeff Green, Courtenay C. Stone, and Abera Zegeye

Mom & Pop’s or Big Box Stores: Some evidence of Walmart’s impact on retail trade.

Michael Hicks, Stan Keil, and Lee Spector


The Impact of Diabetes Mandates on Infant Health.

Anca Cotet and Lee Spector

An Investigation of Editorial Favoritism in the AER. Data for the article, Supplemental Regression Results, Summary Statistics, Excel column definitions and abbr.

Philip R. P. Coelho, James McClure, and Peter Jason Reilly

The Returns to College Education. Data for the article.

Philip R. P. Coelho and Tung Liu

The Major Field Test in Business: A Pretend Solution to the Real Problem of Assurance of Learning Assessment

Jeffrey J. Green, Courtenay C. Stone and Abera Zegeye


The Common Agricultural Policy v. Turkish Admission to the EU

Erdogan Kumcu and James McClure

Unlikely Estimates of the Ex Ante Real Interest Rate: Another Dismal Performance from the Dismal Science

Lee Spector and Courtenay C. Stone
Revision published on Journal of Financial and Economic Practice, 2012, 12 (2): 80-102

Framing the Right Suspects: Measuring Media Bias

Wayne R. Dunham

The Economic Effects of Replacing the Property Tax with a Sales or Income Tax: A Computable General Equilibrium Approach

Dagney Faulk, Nalitra Thaiprasert, and Michael Hicks

The Economic Effects of Bus Transit in Small Cities

Dagney Faulk and Michael Hicks

Lotta Lemmata: A Sour Harvest

Philip R.P. Coelho and James E. McClure
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Do Food Stamps Contribute to Obesity in Low-Income Women? Evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979

Maoyong Fan
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Estimating the Growth Attributes of Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR

Kui-Wai Li, Tung Liu, Hoi Kuan Lam and Liang Wang

Analyzing Productivity Growth: Evidence from China’s Manufacturing Industries

Kui-Wai Li & Tung Liu
Forthcoming in Economic Systems

Oil and Conflict: What Does the Cross-Country Evidence Really Show?

Anca Cotet & Kevin K. Tsui

Resource Curse or Malthusian Trap? Evidence from Oil Discoveries and Extractions

Anca Cotet & Kevin K. Tsui


Economics and Productivity Growth Decomposition: An Application to Post-reform China

Kui-Wai Li & Tung Liu
Published in Economic Modeling 2011, 28 (1-2): 366-373.

Death and Taxes: The Impact of Progressive Taxation on Health

Anca M. Cotet

More Evidence on the Quality-Quantity Trade-off in Medical Care

Anca M. Cotet
(Revised March 2010)

Tort Reform and the Demand for Medical Care: Evidence from State-by-State Variation in Non-Economic Damages Caps

Anca M. Cotet
(Revised March 2010)