As an administrator, teacher, or guidance counselor, you will find our dual credit program offers your school many benefits.

Student Benefits

  • challenges your college-bound students with additional course options that may not be available at your school
  • exposes them to the rigors of a college curriculum

Teacher Benefits

  • provides a professional growth opportunity by allowing teachers to become an adjunct faculty member for Ball State
  • allows teachers to develop working relationships with Ball State professors in their content fields
  • elevates secondary school curriculum
  • provides participating teachers and their high school students with access to Ball State resources like the library and labs that are normally only given to college students

Administrator Benefits

  • improves the percentage of students who pursue and complete a college degree
  • helps fill unexpected staff vacancies
  • allows the flexibility to enroll anywhere from one student to many students from your high school
  • provides you with a cost-effective way for you to resolve scheduling conflicts or fill gaps in your curriculum
  • helps you fulfill Indiana requirements for each high school to provide at least two dual credit course options