Clare Chatot

Clare Chatot

Associate Dean of the College of Sciences and Humanities and Professor of Biology


Room:NQ 193

Teaching and Research Specialties

Developmental Biology and Teratology, the study of embryo abnormalities; Cell Cycle Regulation and Effects of Anticonvulsant Drugs on Preimplantation Mouse Embryos


Clare Chatot is an Associate Dean in the College of Sciences and Humanities with responsibilities for:

  • College Promotion and Tenure Committee (organize revision and submission of P&T documents for tenure track and contract faculty, review of candidates and appeals)
  • Student Affairs (grade changes, late withdrawal approvals; student complaints, grade appeals, ethics issues, FERPA)
  • Facilities Liaison (Hazardous Materials and Safety; Renovations, Compliance)
  • Graduate School Liaison (Graduate Faculty Policy Document review; Graduate Assistantships; Graduate Merit Fellowships)
  • Admissions and Commencement Event organization

Dr. Chatot has served on 2 HLC Accreditation Self -Study Steering Committees and as Assistant Chair in Biology. She has been Vice Chair of Senate, Chair of the Governance Committee and Chair of CSH and University Promotion and Tenure committees. She served as the Pre-Health Professions Advisor in Biology from 2003 to 2016. Dr. Chatot was the recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Service Award and the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award. Her research focuses on the development of preimplantation mouse embryos and the mechanisms they use for regulating their cell division cycles as well as their energy utilization mechanisms for which she received funding through an NIH AREA grant. She also uses the preimplantation mouse model to study the effects of anticonvulsant drugs which are known to cause human abnormalities.