Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The College of Sciences and Humanities is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in all our academic disciplines and throughout our teaching, scholarship, and service. We strive to foster an environment that values and is strengthened by the many different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that students, faculty, and staff bring to our learning community. We aim to accomplish our goals through instructional practices, collegial engagement, and continued reevaluation of the college atmosphere to ensure a sustained commitment towards progress.


1. Achieve a more diverse and culturally representative undergraduate and graduate student body, faculty, and staff. (Recruitment)
2. Identify, acknowledge, and support the needs of diverse students, faculty, and staff. (Retention)
3. Recognize and celebrate the contributions of those who work toward the goals of inclusive excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. (Recognition)
4. Expand diversity awareness, knowledge, and competency for students, faculty, and staff in all our disciplines. (Education)
5. Foster a culture and climate of inclusivity, equity, and access for students, faculty, and staff in all our disciplines. (Culture and Climate)
6. Create and sustain policies and infrastructure that effectively facilitate diversity, inclusion, transparency, and accountability. (Policies and Infrastructure)

Inclusive Excellence Plan

Our over-arching goal in the the college is to contribute to the university-wide Inclusive Excellence approach to academic, administrative support, and service functions across campus. We are deeply committed to removing barriers to inclusion and creating a climate and culture where students, staff, and faculty can thrive. Read our College of Sciences and Humanities 2020-2024 Inclusive Excellence Plan (PDF).