The mission of the Rehabilitation Counseling track in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services (CPSY) at Ball State University is to educate and train counselors to assist persons with disabilities in developing their potential across a number of dimensions: psychological, social, physical, vocational, and economical. The Rehabilitation Counseling track is dedicated to preparing counselors who possess both the skills and desire to provide quality services to persons facing barriers related to living, working, and socializing in the community. The program is designed to prepare counselors who will be strong advocates for persons with disabilities and who will assist those with disabilities to become their own advocates in order to make independent life choices.

The mission of the program is accomplished by the following objectives:

  1. Preparing qualified rehabilitation professionals to address community needs and work across a number of settings including state and federal rehabilitation agencies, rehabilitation facilities, private rehabilitation agencies, and other organizations that are providing services to individuals with mental, emotional, and/or physical disabilities.
  2. Strengthening the skills and values of students in order that commitment and dedication to the highest standards of professional behavior, ethical practice, and awareness of human dignity of all persons be paramount.
  3. Preparing students to function as resources for persons with disabilities, their families, and communities.