The Department of Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology and Counseling offers a doctoral program in counseling psychology, as well as master's programs in counseling (Clinical Mental Health and Rehabilitation tracks) and Social psychology (General track).

Counseling and counseling psychology are both fields that seek to promote healthy human functioning in the full range of situations that people enter. Through research, practice, and advocacy, counselors and counseling psychologists are committed to improving the well-being and productivity of persons throughout their lifespan regardless of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or cultural background.

Counselors and counseling psychologists often focus on helping persons with issues in specific areas. These include emotional, interpersonal, social, educational, vocational, health-related, developmental, and organizational contexts.

Social psychology empirically considers the interaction of forces occurring within the individual, such as their attitudes and traits, and those within the situation, for example, social norms, in an attempt to explain behavior.

The following client-contact programs are accredited by their appropriate professional organizations.