Jennifer Warrner in classroom

Let’s Build—a construction day for Kindergartners

Most days you’ll find Jennifer Warrner teaching technical communications to Ball State University students in construction management courses. But on Wednesday afternoons, she transforms into a kindergarten teacher surrounded by 20 tiny charges.

ACE volunteers mentor teens interested in construction trades

A little volunteer work is good for the soul, and some CAP faculty and alumni have found a calling as mentors in the ACE Mentor Program designed to encourage teens who are interested in construction and design professions.

Attallah’s Classes Will Join International Project

Construction Management professor Sherif Attallah prepares students to work on an international scale.

Multiple CAP Cohorts Help Habitat Help the Community

Students from Jennifer Warner's class help with a local Habitat for Humanity build.

Kanakri Seeks Ways to Help Autism Community With Research

Kanakri’s research will shed light on the effects noise, color, and lighting have on children, specifically those on the autism spectrum.