CAP:CMID French Canadian Field Study

May 23 to June 15, 2018, travel dates May 26 to June 6, Registration deadline: March 1, 2018
This course introduces design students to French Canadian culture and links French Canadian culture to the field of design and architecture. Students will be exposed to the history, architecture, design, and culture of the Province of Quebec, visiting important cultural and historical locations in the province’s major cities, Quebec City and Montreal. The visit will include meetings with professional designers, university professors in the field of architecture and professionals in related industries, such as those working in design showrooms. The intention is for students to learn about French Canadian culture and link it to their studies at Ball State University. Students will learn about the history of French Canada, visit important historical sights, and learn about how the history and culture of French Canadians impacts upon the design and architecture in the Province of Quebec. 
Learn more. Register by March 1, 2018. Program Director: Professor Reza Ahmadi
Coursework/Credit(s): Undergraduate: FCS 400/IDES 400: French Canadian Field Study (3 credits).


First Summer Session—May 8 to June 7, 2018, Registration deadline: February 16, 2018
This trip includes extensive travel throughout Italy plus travel to Finland, Russia, Hungary and France. Tours and assignments revolve around visiting leading historical monuments, buildings and spaces, which form a base of knowledge for the architectural discipline. Student projects, discussion and readings will relate to the sites visited during the trip. Contemporary examples from different cultural perspectives help open the world of possibilities of learning to the Ball State students. Learn more. Register by February 16, 2018. Program Directors: Professors Timothy Gray and Kevin Klinger. Coursework/Credit(s): Undergraduate: ARCH 405 (3 credits) Design ElectiveARCH 498 (3 credits) Digital Notes; Graduate:ARCH 600 (3 credits) Design ElectiveARCH 598 (3 credits) Digital Notes.