The student organization, Interior Design Alliance (IDA), is your connection to the professional world of interior design. Your membership in the Interior Design Alliance (IDA) allows you to explore the concepts, theories and practices valued by interior design professionals. Network with fellow students, faculty and professionals working in the field of interior design. 

Activities include attending local and regional American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and International Interior Design Association (IIDA) meetings, participation in field trips to interior design events, and organizing fund-raising activities to benefit the Interior Design Program. 

Current officers are:

President: Emily Schripsema
Vice President: Natalie Hopf
Secretary: Emily Pittenger
Treasurer: Katie McCauley

Faculty Advisor: 
Sarah M. Angne Alfaro, Ph.D., Assistant Professor-Interior Design
Applied Technology Building, Rm. 220

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Find out more about the national and state ASID organizations.
Find out more about the national and state IIDA organizations.