Need help paying for your graduate work in communication studies? Our department is committed to providing practical, hands-on opportunities. We typically provide more than 30 assistantships.

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Roles and Responsibilities

Graduate assistants typically work in three lab sections of public speaking. The class is structured in a lecture-lab format, with the lecture provided by the director of the course. Each lab section comprises 20 students and involves discussion, activities, and the speeches required in the course. Some graduate students may assist professors in other large-lecture undergraduate classes or with their research as part of the assistantship. Students with a background in competitive forensics may assist our undergraduate debate or speech teams.

How to Apply

After you have been fully admitted to the graduate program in Communication Studies, we will contact you about an assistantship. You will need to provide us with a short application form and a vita or resume. We will then schedule a phone interview with you and the director of graduate studies.

Paying for Your Education