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This concentration is one of four in our bachelor’s degree in communication studies program.

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Relationships are fun to talk about and communication is what makes it or breaks it.Relational and Interpersonal Communication is the understanding and shaping of personal and professional relationships. At the center of all successful relationships is communication. Relationships require the ability to create mutual understanding, develop/maintain/end relationships, negotiate conflict, and offer support.  

This concentration is for people who care deeply about the ability to connect with others and want to use communication and those relationships as a starting point to make our world better; they tend to be relationally focused, empathic, and motivated to create connections. 

They might describe themselves as: Collaborators, Connectors, Consensus Makers, Networkers, Mediators, Listeners, Supporters 

Possible job titles include: Project Manager, Program Coordinator, Patient Advocate, Client or Case Manager, Researcher 

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