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Communication Studies Program

This concentration is one of three in our bachelor’s degree in communication studies program.

Quick Facts

Even in an increasingly impersonal digital age, interpersonal communication remains more essential than ever to help businesses and organizations run effectively. Our concentration in this area of our bachelor’s degree in communication studies helps you understand what makes communication effective in personal relationships, as well as in small groups, and explores such topics as relationship development, nonverbal communication, and conflict resolution.

This concentration allows you to tailor your learning and training to meet your personal and professional goals. You choose 15 hours or 5 elective classes from a wide variety of courses including:

  • COMM 251 Business and Professional Communication
  • COMM 310 Communication and Democracy
  • COMM 315 Communication and Technology
  • COMM 322 Communication and Popular Culture
  • COMM 340 Leadership and Team Communication
  • COMM 335 Communication and Health
  • COMM 345 Work-Life Communication
  • COMM 404 Political Communication
  • COMM 479/489 Internship

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