New Concentrations and a New Minor from the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology

In addition to our general major in criminal justice and criminology, the CJC Department is now offering three interdisciplinary concentrations in concert with the Department of Psychology, providing a variety of courses that help students understand the dimensions and causes of crime and delinquency and the theories of crime prevention and control.

These concentrations are: Psychology in law Enforcement, Corrections and Human behavior, and Psychology and the Legal System. Courses examine the structure and philosophy of the American criminal justice system; the operation of criminal courts at the local, state, and federal levels; techniques and theories of law enforcement; and the philosophies and practices of various correctional programs.

Law enforcement scuba
In addition to these new concentrations, the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology now offers a third minor, Law Enforcement Scuba. Students will take classes from CJC and the Department of Kinesiology to certify in diving and receive advanced consideration for special units and assignments within law enforcement agencies for search, rescue, and recovery teams.

All of these new offerings will be available starting Fall 2020!

 Interested in any of these new concentrations or the new minor? Email us at and we’ll contact you when the course catalogue is finalized.