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A master’s degree from the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) at Ball State will expose you to career opportunities like never before.

Our graduates experience a 90 percent placement rate in fields that are pioneering the information and communication technology landscape of tomorrow.

Coming to Ball State was one of the best things that I’ve ever decided to do with my life. I never saw myself going into a technology field. I never imagined that that would be something that I was even interested in. Now I’m about to take this health care IT consulting job that never would have crossed my mind, but it’s actually the perfect job for me.
— Molly Morris, ’12, analyst at Impact Advisors

Potential Careers

There are many more. Our dynamic field constantly opens new opportunities. Here are a few other examples: systems engineer, application engineer, training consultant, deployment consultant, account executive, technology coordinator, security manager.

How a CICS Degree Helps

Getting your career kick-started at CICS will prepare you to work in the most well-known and successful organizations around the world.

Our program has relationships with companies as prominent as AT&T, IBM, Citrix Systems, Cisco, Accenture, and Eli Lilly. These companies continue to recruit from our program because they know that we prepare students like you to lead and serve in challenging and progressive environments.

Graduates from the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) experience fulfilling, satisfying, and sustainable careers.

Many of our alumni have stepped into leadership roles, including starting their own companies, or they’ve experienced significant salary increases thanks to the foundation they gained through CICS’ programs.

Read Their Stories 

"The lessons I learned at Ball State have directly correlated to my success. However, it is not only the technical training I received that allowed me to excel. The unique thing about the CICS program is the holistic approach it takes to the technology field. It doesn't train you to be a Project Manager or a Network Engineer, it prepares you to be both. Once I completed my degree, I was more than equipped to take on any challenge."

Jacob Ellis CICS '16
Cyber Security Engineer
Ford Motor Company

“CICS allowed me to take that next step in my life and my career. I came from a liberal arts background, so the subject matter at CICS was totally new to me. The opportunities for success that came with a degree from CICS improved for me overnight, and I continue to find reasons to thank the Center: whether it is meeting great new students, being able to engage with alumni at social learning activities, or having a great network of competent contacts in the field. My 11 months at the Center were some of the hardest I’ve ever spent, as well as some of the most rewarding.”

Jared Linder CICS ’07
Chief Information Officer
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

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