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Our innovative master of science degree in information and communication sciences is a career catalyst for developing technology leaders at every level. The center’s program will prepare you to manage and lead companies and organizations to succeed and prosper in the information economy.

Retention success: More than 90 percent of our students attain their master’s degree in our rigorous yet supportive environment.

Job placement success: Our placement rate for professional jobs is also over 90 percent, every year.

Through our program, you will:

  • Complete a full 38-credit master’s degree in 11 months straight. It’s not an “executive” degree, it’s a true graduate degree from a leading technological university. (Longer part-time plans are possible as well.)
  • Actively learn in an intensive, hands-on environment of interactive classrooms, well-equipped labs, industry-sponsored projects, and professional social learning opportunities.
  • Connect as a professional into our network of 1,800 alumni and the Center’s alliance of supporting companies and organizations.

Degree Requirements 

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Online Option

Providing the same, high-quality, innovative, and immersive education and coursework, the online MS in ICS is designed for working professionals looking to change careers or seek promotion with a current employer. Learn more.

Our program builds on a foundation of 26 core credits in information and communication technologies; research methodologies; human and leadership communication; business; public policy and communication law.

We add 12 credits of advanced courses matching your interests and passions to industry needs and requirements. We offer specialized technology courses, and capstone graduate seminars with distinguished faculty.



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Program Features

Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning

Immersive learning is Ball State University’s approach to student-driven projects, lasting outcomes, and community partnerships.

In our program, you can take part in special projects for information and communication companies. You can gain valuable experience and build business relationships in the process. You’ll receive: 

  • real-life application of the concepts you are learning in the classroom
  • feedback from professors, alumni, and industry professionals to reinforce your management and leadership skills
  • professional experiences to build your competence and confidence
  • satisfaction from helping our communities through service

Students at Golf CourseSocial Learning

The Student Social Learning Program is our well-developed strategy to grow our graduate students into more knowledgeable professionals who function well in business social settings at the leadership level. We hold more than a dozen events each year that provide social enrichment and the chance to further develop your networking and interpersonal skills.

Here are some examples:

  • job placement seminars
  • career workshops
  • annual wine tasting and networking dinner
  • golf outings
  • formal and informal business events
  • ski trips
  • networking events
  • professional conferences

CICS First Amazon Web Services Partner

AWS LogoThe Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) is honored to announce two firsts. CICS is the first institution nationally to have two-faculty members certified as AWS Cloud Practioners, professor Steve Jones and program associate director Kirsten Smith. And, CICS is now the first university in the country partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy to deliver its inaugural Cloud Practitioner curriculum (and hands-on labs!).

This curriculum is focused on the requisite knowledge to operate systems in the rapidly expanding Cloud technology environment. The AWS Cloud Practitioner designation is new to AWS’s educational platform, providing content for understanding the fundamentals associated with cloud computing, storage, databases, content delivery (multimedia), scaling networks, security, and other services tied to cloud infrastructure. A critical aspect of the curriculum is designed to help students see the value of using cloud-based services that are highly elastic, scalable, and cost effective for business applications.

Students will be qualified to take the exam certification at the end of the course, providing them with an industry-recognized achievement in the cloud networking industry.

What Can You Do with a Master of Science in Information and Communication Sciences?

As a graduate, you’ll join our network of over 1,800 alumni working in information and communication fields. The Center’s graduates have launched exciting and promising careers. Corporations such as AT&T, Cisco, IBM, and Accenture continue to recruit our graduates and provide opportunities. Here are some examples:

  • business analyst
  • account executive
  • training consultant
  • sales engineer
  • systems engineer
  • data scientist
  • application engineer
  • deployment consultant
  • technology coordinator
  • wireless network engineer
  • network architect
  • security manager
  • information technology manager

Paying for Your Education

Graduate Assistantships

Part of what makes your master’s in information and communication sciences affordable is our accelerated schedule. This reduces your time in school and lets you more quickly add value to the professional world. We also offer multiple center graduate assistantships to help with the cost. Because our graduate students are in demand, most can also find assistantship elsewhere in the university.

Ready to Apply?

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