Ronald Kovac

Ronald Kovac

Professor of Information and Communication Sciences


Room:BC 213

Dr. Ron J. Kovac is a professor with the Center for Information and Communication Sciences, which is a master’s degree program that prepares graduate students in the field of information and communication technology.

Previously, Dr. Kovac was the telecommunication manager for the State University of New York and a chief information officer and executive director for large information technology centers on the east coast.

Dr. Kovac’s previous studies include electrical engineering, photography and education. He is a prolific writer and has numerous publications (three books and over 50 articles), and he has completed numerous international consulting projects in both the educational and information technology field. Additionally, he is very successful with creative grantsmanship. He speaks worldwide on issues related to information technology, network security, and educational technology.

Dr. Kovac is a Fulbright Scholar, holds numerous industry certifications (CCNA, CCAI, and CCNP) and is very active in social responsibility internationally, nationally, and locally.

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