When you start your job search, you’ll probably notice that most employers want you to have some type of experience. Well, having an internship is a great way to get hands-on experience and boost your resume.

An internship can set you apart from your peers, and it can put you one step closer to getting a cool job. In addition, an internship can help you decide if chemistry is the right career path for you. It can also help if you choose to apply to graduate school.

Internships can be done during the school year, but most of our students choose to do them over the summer when they have more free time.

Our students have interned at places such as Argon National Laboratories, Eli Lilly, Fort Wayne Pollution Control Plant, and Hoosier Microbiological Laboratories of Muncie. In the summer of 2009, chemistry students Adam Campbell and Ashley Everett held internships at Mansfield-King, an Indianapolis company specializing in personal care products manufacturing. The students worked on developing product formulations and carrying out quality control procedures.

And they weren’t just fetching coffee or lunch. Our students have had responsibilities like full-time employees. They’ve done projects involving analysis or actual chemical processes.

To find out more about internship opportunities, you can check with us or check with the Career Center.