You must meet both the admission requirements for the Graduate School and our department's criteria.

We invite you to apply to one of our master's programs if:

  • you hold a bachelor of science (BS) or a bachelor of arts (BA) in chemistry and have at least one year of calculus-based physical chemistry.
  • you have completed at least American Chemical Society (ACS) certified bachelor’s work or work beyond the bachelor’s. You may have one or more of the core course requirements waived. Please note you should speak with your advisor about this option
  • you have a substantial chemistry background but have an undergraduate degree in another discipline such as biology, medical technology, pre-medicine, or pre-dentistry. You may have to take additional course work in chemistry.

Admissions to both our master's programs require:

  • bachelor's degree in chemistry or in a field with substantial chemistry background
  • a cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale
  • transcripts of all previous undergraduate or graduate course work
  • completed Ball State Graduate School application (international applicants: start by visiting the International Admissions page)
  • two letters of reference: Reference letters are preferred electronically as follows: when you fill out the Graduate School application online, you will be asked if you would like to have the reference letters handled electronically rather than on paper. Choose the electronic way to avoid delays. You will need to list the names and email addresses of the two people who will write the letters on your behalf. They will then receive email instructions from BSU on how to submit the letters.
  • CV or resume: Besides summarizing your experience, it also gives you a chance to explain and put into a context any unusual career moves, gaps in employment, etc. It should be sent to our department (

It is strongly recommended that the applicants have taken two semesters of calculus as this will be essential for the graduate courses.

We do not require a Graduate Records Exam (GRE) for either of our master’s programs.
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