Global Listening Festival  

July 29th–August 7th, 2022 

The Global Listening Centre (GLC) has established a global listening network of researchers and practitioners to further our understanding of effective listening practices. We believe that by sharing knowledge regarding listening, we can better address societal challenges on the local and international levels. 

The GLC is happy to invite you to participate in a celebration of listening as Ball State University’s College of Communication, Information, and Media hosts a 10-day Global Listening Festival via YouTube. The festival’s objective is to promote research on listening as a global community and consists of presentations on topics such as listening in education, health care, environmental listening, law, corporate, listening disorders, listening for peace, and more. Our vision is to see the future society as a world that listens well before acting because listening transforms lives. 

July 29th

Paaige K Turner

Professor Paaige K. Turner, Ph.D.
Dean of College of Communication, Information and Media at Ball State University.
Past Executive Director, National Communication Association. USA 

Gayle Pohl

Associate Professor Gayle M. Pohl, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President (Education Policy), Global Listening Centre.
Associate Professor at University of Northern Iowa. USA

Claude Mayer

Professor Dr. Habil Claude-Hélène Mayer, Ph.D. Ph.D.
Professor in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at
University of South Africa, Johannesburg. South Africa 

Connaughton Stacy

Professor Stacey Connaughton, Ph.D.
President (Academia) Global Listening Centre.
Professor at The Brian Lamb School of Communication, Purdue University.
Director of The Purdue Policy Research Institute, Discovery Park District.
Director of The Purdue Peace Project. USA 

Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic

Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić,
Past Secretary-General of the Association of Universities of Yugoslavia.
20-year career in UNESCO: European Centre for Higher Education (CEPES),
Bucharest. Former Head of Higher Education in Paris, France. 

Judith Eaton

Judith S. Eaton, Ph.D.
Founding President and President Emeritus of the Council for
Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). USA 

Ray Donahue

Professor Ray T. Donahue, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President (Research) Global Listening Centre. Professor of Intercultural
Studies at Nagoya Gakuin University, Japan. 

Alan Ehrlich

Alan R. Ehrlich
Chair (Listening Disorders) Global Listening Centre.

Kay Lindahl

Kay Lindahl, CLP
Founder of TLC in Long Beach, CA, USA

Helen Meldrum

Associate Professor Helen Meldrum
Senior Vice President (Listening in Science) Global Listening Centre.
Associate Professor of Psychology in the Program in Health Sciences and
Industry-Department of Natural and Applied Sciences at
Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. USA 

Marko Zigon

Marko Zigon

Sound Therapist with a Degree in Acoustics, Musician, Dubai


 Assistant and Visiting Professor Gholam Reza Azari, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication Science’s at Azad University of Tehran,
Department of Communications in Central Branch, Visiting Professor at
University of Tehran in Group of Communications. Iran 

Zuraidah Mohd Don

Professor Zuraidah Mohd Don, Ph.D.
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. 

Carol Mills

Professor Carol Bishop Mills, Ph.D.
Executive Editor The Global Listener, Global Listening Centre.
Director and Professor at School of Communication
and Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University. USA 

Angie Beeman

Associate Professor Angie Beeman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor at Marxe School of Public and International Affairs at
Bernard M. Baruch College. USA 

Laura Dryjanska

Laura Dryjanska, Ph.D.
Director of the Master of Science in Positive Organizational Psychology at
Biola University, Rosemead School of Psychology. USA 

Leslie Ramos Salazar

Associate Professor Leslie Ramos Salazar, Ph.D.
Abdullat Professor of Business, Associate Professor of Business
Communication & Decision Management,
Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business,
West Texas A&M University. USA 

Kenneth Youngstein

Kenneth Youngstein
CEO, BIOCOM Ltd HQ Zurich, Switzerland

Margarita Kefalaki

Margarita Kefalaki, Ph.D.
President of Communication Institute of Greece and Adjunct Professor at
Hellenic Open University. Greece

Paaige Turner

Professor Paaige K. Turner, Ph.D.
Dean of College of Communication, Information and Media at Ball State University.
Past Executive Director, National Communication Association. USA 

Andrew Wolvin

Professor Andrew D. Wolvin, Ph.D.
Honorable Director (Academic) Global Listening Centre.
Professor Emeritus at University of Maryland,
Adjunct Professor at the Georgetown University, Law Center. USA

Annie Rappeport

Annie Rappeport, M. Ed.
Ph.D. Candidate at University of Maryland, USA

Renee Guariello Heath

Professor Renee Guarriello Heath, Ph.D.
Chairperson (Academic Division) Global Listening Centre.
Co-Director at Civil Discourse Lab at University of New Hampshire. USA 

Jonathan Fisher

Jonathan Eliot Este Fisher, MD, FACC
Director (Healthcare Listening) Global Listening Centre.
Harvard-trained Physician and Clinical Cardiologist, Organizational Well-Being and
Resiliency Leader, Regional Medical Director, Novant Health. USA

Philip Auter
Professor Philip J. Auter, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication at University of Louisiana at Lafayette,
Hubert Bourgeois Endowed Professor in Communication,
Faculty Senate President and
Graduate Program Coordinator. USA

Lance Strate
Professor Lance Strate, Ph.D.
Co-Chairperson (Academic Division) Global Listening Centre. Professor of
Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University in New York City. USA 

Christine Goh

Professor Christine C. M. Goh, Ph.D.
Past Associate Vice Chair Global Listening Centre.
President Chair Professor of Education
(Linguistics and Language Education) and
Director of the National Institute of Education, Nanyang
Technological University. Singapore