Research Overview

The research objective of the Biomechanics Laboratory is to further our understanding of mechanical and neuromuscular characteristics of human movement. In order to accomplish this we have established a broad research agenda through interdisciplinary collaborations within the university and with the local medical community. Current research in the lab is focused on:

  • The effects of fatigue, structural limitations, and load carriage on various aspects of human motion and performance
  • Understanding the effects and mechanisms related to vibration exposure in various aspects of musculoskeletal function and in multiple populations
  • The effectiveness of clinical intervention strategies - functional outcomes
  • The influence of both short-term (acute) and long-term (chronic) exercise protocols on various biomechanical aspects of human health and performance

Current Research


Dr. Clark Dickin 
The effect of localized fatigue on locomotion. Abstract 

Effects of varied frequencies and amplitudes of whole body vibration on postural control. Abstract

Dr. Henry Wang
The effects of fatigue and load carriage on musculoskeletal injury mechanisms. Abstract