An average of a 20 hour per week commitment is required for graduate assistants in the biomechanics program. The graduate assistantship appointment is for the academic year. Responsibilities will begin the week prior to the first day of fall classes.

The following are examples of responsibilities assigned to graduate assistants in the biomechanics program:

  • Graduate assistants are assigned to work as research assistants as needed by any of the program faculty.
  • Graduate assistants are expected to be in the biomechanics laboratory every working day. Various assignments such as working with the program's computer database, program education, laboratory maintenance, inventory, etc. will be assigned.
  • Graduate assistants may be assigned to work as a teaching assistant in an undergraduate exercise science class. These assignments usually require approximately four-five hours per week.
  • Summer assignments (if available) are determined in the spring semester of each year. Graduate assistanship assignments for the summer are typically full-time (20 hours/week). Summer involves a 14 week time period and assistanship work is for the equivalent of 10 weeks. The four weeks of vacation time are set by the end of the spring semester.