East Central Indiana Science Fair

2018 East Central Indiana Regional Science Fair Winners 
2018 Hoosier Science and Engineer Fair Awards Winners
2017 East Central Indiana Regional Science Fair Winners

Mark your calendar! The 2019 East Central Science Fair is set for February 16, 2019.

The Science Fair is designed to stimulate active interest in the sciences and recognize the work of young scientists. Top projects from local school and home school science fairs qualify for the Regional Science Fair. To find out about your local science fair, contact your teacher.

There is a new online registration process that we hope will make registration simpler and more flexible.There are two parts to the process: Teacher Registration and Student Registration.

DEADLINE FOR STUDENT REGISTRATION WILL BE ANNOUNCED. This deadline is important to allow us to plan spaces, certificates, judges and other resources before the Science Fair in February 2019.

Teacher Registration

Once you have a student who will be attending the science fair, the teacher or principal, needs to go to the Teacher Registration Form and complete the registration. 

Be sure to use the student or parent email and make note of the email and password. You will need to give the email (as a login) and the password to the student. They will need this information to finish the registration. When you finish and submit the student’s information, the student can then begin uploading files for his or her project.

Student Registration

Once the teacher or principal has completed the first part Teacher Registration Form, the student and parent will need to finish the Student Registration Form.

This form asks the student to complete basic information, select a category for the project, then complete forms for different parts of the project. Depending on the grade level and the topic of the project, the student will be given a list of required forms and links to download the forms. Students can upload the completed forms in the same location.

Students will be able to upload forms as they complete them, save their work and return to the site later to complete other parts of the registration. The site also allows parents to pay directly via a secure online registration process. If safety approval is required for the project, the Science Fair’s Safety Review Committee will be able to view files, leave feedback, and give approval that the student can view as soon as it is posted.

Other websites you might find helpful are:

Contact Us

For more information, contact Melissa Schafstall, fair liaison, at 765-285-8857 or mschafstall@bsu.edu.

The ECI Science Fair is looking for judges. If you are able to judge, please fill out the judge application form by our to-be-announced deadline and return to Melissa Schafstall in the Department of Biology.