Since the 1970s, Ball State has provided much of the technical data used by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) in its management of yellow perch and other near-shore species in Indiana waters of Lake Michigan. LakeMichiganperch

Over that period, an extensive database has been generated, helping to contribute to improved understanding of dynamics of the yellow perch population including growth, recruitment, and mortality as well as the interactions with the rest of the fish community.

As part of the Lake Michigan project, several peer reviewed journal articles have been published, including “Gape Limitation and Piscine Prey Size-Selection by Yellow Perch in the Extreme Southern Area of Lake Michigan, with Emphasis on Two Exotic Prey Items”, “Changes in Mottled Sculpin and Johnny Darter Trawl Catches after the Appearance of Round Gobies in the Indiana Waters of Lake Michigan”, and “Yellow Perch Length-Fecundity and Length-Egg Size Relationships in Indiana Waters of Lake Michigan."