A minor in biological science is specifically designed for students majoring in nursing.  This minor will help you round out your education with additional biological information that will serve you during your career. 

There's not need to apply, but contact us if you're interested in pursuing this minor.  to begin earning your biological science minor, you must have completed CHEM 100 or a chemistry equivalent.

To earn a minor in biological science, you must be a nursing student and complete the following courses:

Minor in Biological Sciences for Students Majoring in Nursing
24 hours

Course Credit Hours
BIO 112 - Principles of Biology 2 4
BIO 113 - Microbiology for the Health Sciences 5
PHYSL 210 - Human Physiology 1 3
PHYSL 211 - Human Physiology 2 3
9 credit hours from
Course Credit Hours
BIO 214 - Genetics 4
BIO 215 - Cell Biology 4
BIO 341 - Pathogenic Bacteriology 3
BIO 344 - Immunology-Virology 4
BIO 453 - Human Genetics and the Problems of Humanity 3
Total 24