Minor in Physiology (21-22 hours)
This program involves a concentration of courses in physiology and anatomy. This minor combines well with majors in Health Science, Nursing, and Exercise Science, and existing majors in Biology and Family & Consumer Sciences.

If you register for a course but have not successfully completed its prerequisite, you will be dropped from the class. 

ANAT 201 - Fundamentals of Human Anatomy
PHYSL 215 - Human Physiology

12-13 hours from:
ANAT 425 - Human Embryology and Histology
PHYSL 411 - Endocrinology
PHYSL 413 - Renal Physiology
PHYSL 414 - Cardiovascular Physiology
PHYSL 420 - Neuroscience
BIO 111 and one chemistry course are prerequisites to this program.