Whatever academic path you choose, we have an impressive range of focus areas and opportunities to apply and practice what you learn.
  • Aquatic biology and fisheries provide you with experience in freshwater environment management and conservation as well as water quality protection and restoration of sensitive and significant aquatic organisms. If this area interests you, you can spend your summers conducting field research on the Wabash River or Lake Michigan.
  • Our biotechnology certificate program will prepare you for a career in the biotechnology industry such as pharmaceuticals, environmental bioremediation, and medical research. This program requires you to complete an internship.
  • Faculty routinely employ the latest laboratory techniques (such as DNA fingerprinting and PCR technology) in the cellular and molecular, genetics and microbiology classrooms as well as in research opportunities. These immersive experiences prepare you for in-depth research opportunities and technical positions in government, academia, and industry.
  • Wildlife biology, botany, and zoology prepare you for careers related to conservation and management of wildlife and habitats. Summers are generally spent in field research.