Typically dental schools require entering students to have completed four years of pre-dental education; however, if you have outstanding qualifications, you may be admitted after only three years (early admission).

To qualify for early admission after three years of pre-dental preparation, you must complete the major and specific course and scholastic requirements of the curriculum with a minimum of 94 credits at Ball State University.

All pre-dental students should have alternative goals and should complete second majors in any areas in which they have strong interests.

Pre-dental counseling is available in the department of biology.

Graduate a Year Early

Ball State offers the Degree in 3 Program allowing you the option to graduate in three years in the pre-dentistry program. This gives you a jump start on your career or advanced degree.

IU School of Dentistry Applicant Requirements

Many of our students apply to the Indiana University School of Dentistry. If accepted into the IU School of Dentistry, your senior year course requirements will be used for the baccalaureate degree from Ball State. Most pre-dental students, however, have another major in addition to the pre-dental major, usually biology or chemistry, and complete both majors in four years. 

In addition to the basic science requirements listed below, Indiana University School of Dentistry requires two semesters of English, including one semester of composition (ENG 104); one semester each of introductory psychology (PSYSC 100), physiology (PHYSL 215), and biochemistry (CHEM 360 is recommended).  To review complete course information, see the undergraduate catalog.

The following courses are recommended for elective credit:

  • BIO 215 - Cell Biology
  • BIO 313 - Microbiology 
  • CHEM 232 - Organic Chemistry 2
  • CC 102 - Latin and Greek Based Bio-scientific Terminology

Courses strongly recommended by the dental school are:

  • MGT 300 - Managing Behavior in Organizations
  • FIN 110 - Personal Finance
  • SP 101 - Beginning Spanish, or higher
  • ANTH 101 and ANTH 111 - Anthropology and Cultural Diversity

Other Dental Schools' Requirements

The American Dental Education Association can provide you with information about other dental schools and their requirements.

Major in Pre-dental Preparation, 37 hours

  • BIO 111 - Principles of Biology 1
  • BIO 112 - Principles of Biology 2 
  • BIO 214 - Genetics
  • CHEM 111 - General Chemistry 1 
  • CHEM 112 - General Chemistry 2
  • CHEM 231 - Organic Chemistry 1
  • PHYCS 110 - General Physics 1
  • PHYCS 112 - General Physics 2
  • ZOOL 330 - Structure and Development of Vertebrates