To earn a bachelor of science degree in biology with a major in medical technology you must:

  • Complete at least 126 credits including your major courses, the University Core Curriculum requirements, and any elective courses (all of which must total at least 94 credits) in your first three years of study.
  • Complete a 12-month clinical laboratory program. Your final year consists of crucial hands-on experience through a 12-month clinical laboratory program at an accredited hospital school of medical technology. By successfully completing the program you will earn 32 credits.

The university has established affiliations for preparation of medical technologists with the following Indiana hospitals:

  • Ball Memorial Hospital/ Pathologist Associated (Muncie)
  • Saint Francis Hospital (Beech Grove)
  • Parkview Hospital (Fort Wayne)
  • Methodist Hospital/ Clarian Health Care (Indianapolis)
  • St. Margaret Mercy Health Care Centers (Hammond)

You will apply to a school of medical technology that solely determines your admission based on your scholastic standing (e.g. minimum grade-point average of 2.5), your performance in personal interviews, and your recommendations from faculty and others.
Note that completing the first three years of the major does not guarantee admission to the program to which you applied for your clinical year. We advise you to plan an alternative program of study that could be completed in your fourth year if you are not admitted to a clinical program. You may reapply for your clinical program the next year.  To review complete course information, see the undergraduate catalog.
Required courses include:
ANAT 201 - Fundamentals of Human Anatomy
BIO 111 - Principles of Biology 1
BIO 313 – Microbiology
BIO 341 - Pathogenic Bacteriology
BIO 344 - Immunology-Virology
CHEM 111 - General Chemistry 1
CHEM 112 - General Chemistry 2
CHEM 225 - Chemical Analysis
CHEM 231 - Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM 325 - Instrumental Methods of Analysis
CHEM 360 - Essentials of Biochemistry
PHYSL 215 - Human Physiology 1
ZOOL 347 - Animal Parasitology

Strongly recommended electives include:
CS 116 - Visual Programming

Recommended electives include:
MGT 200 - Management Principles
PHYCS 110 - General Physics 1
PHYCS 112 - General Physics 2
BIO 215 - Cell Biology
BOT 446 - Medical Mycology