The courses listed below meet the first-year requirements of most of the Indiana dental hygience programs. Only grades of C or better will transfer.
We suggest you take the courses in the order listed, to make sure that you complete appropriate prerequisites and complete all the courses you need.  To review complete course information, see the undergraduate catalog.

If your background in biology is weak, you may need to take a beginning biology or other health science course before ANAT 201 Fundamentals of Mammalian Anatomy.

Suggested Schedule

Fall Semester

  • ENG 103 - English Comp 1 or ENG 104 – English Comp 2
  • CHEM 101 – General, Organic, and Biochemistry for the Health Sciences
  • ANAT 201 - Fundamentals of Human Anatomy
  • PSYSC 100 - General Psychology

Spring Semester

  • SOC 100 - Principles of Sociology
  • COMM 210 - Fundamentals of Public Communication
  • BIO 113 - Microbiology
  • PHYSL 205 - Fundamentals of Human Physiology (IPFW requires PHYSL 215)

You will also need 6 Arts and Humanities credit hours. Acceptable courses vary among the five Indiana dental hygience programs. One or two electives may be taken during summer session one to complete the requirements. Contact each program director early in the pre-dental hygiene program for suggestions.